Discover your Inner Wilder

Discover your Inner Wilder

Inner Wilder is a very cool concept in luxe motorhome hire. Essentially, Inner Wilder is a 24 foot long Jayco Conquest motorhome fitted out with added luxury touches to create a truly 'bespoke’ travel and adventure experience like no other. Sally and Tony created Inner Wilder when they first rented a motorhome, and then decided to purchase the exact same model. This allowed them to continue their adventures and give others the chance to share in the same experience. For those who don't like 'roughing it’ a kitted out luxury motorhome is an ideal alternative, with the beauty of an RV being that it provides both the means to travel and the ability to set your own agenda.

When Sallly and Tony were kitting out Inner Wilder they wanted to ensure it had the best of everything, from the furnishings to the espresso machine and a full size fridge, to the camp chairs. After scouring the market for the best Camp Chairs they could find Sally and Tony found Tuff Arse, and chose to deck out Inner Wilder with a set of Heavy Duty Trunks, noice!

Inner Wilder is not just a luxury motorhome rental, it’s the ultimate fully curated road trip experience, and looking at the pics we couldn't think of a better place to be chilling out on some Tuff Arse Trunks, whether it’s reclining on the banks of the Hawkesbury river on the New South Wales coast or hanging out on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

Sally's sister business is Mirosuna Mindfulness and Meditation: and not surprisingly the same serene aesthetic she applies to Mirosuna is embedded in the approach to Inner Wilder. As Sally says, “We initially hired this exact model and liked it so much we bought one ourselves, and now in addition to using it for our own holidays we make it available to others to enjoy as well, with all the little extras we love that make the experience so much more enjoyable"

The people you meet along your adventures are what makes the experience worthwhile and we’re so happy we met Sally and Tony, they are great people enjoying life and giving back. If you're keen to treat yourself to the road trip you’ve always promised yourself or you’ve been thinking about getting a motorhome and want to try one before you buy then check out Inner Wilder and see what its all about:



  • Tuff Arse

    Hey Jed, Probs best way to contact Sally and Tony direct is to hit em up through their insta pg @inner.wilder

  • Jed

    But if a strange one but I saw your Motorhome on Camplify and I’m unable to message you direct with out booking.
    Is the minimum rental 20 days? We are looking to hire for around 15 over the new year.

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