The Tuff Arse Story

As Uncle Doug used to say “You young kids, why don’t you just do one thing and do it well,
instead of doing everything all half arsed like?”

Wise words from Uncle Doug in Nambucca Heads, but it took years of living life, doing many things half arsed against Uncle Doug's better judgement, to finally understand the wisdom. So yeah, now we get it. Perfection is found in simplicity, in the single minded pursuit of a goal and a dedication to the task at hand to achieve that goal. Do one thing exceptionally well, rather than attempting to do many things, that turn out average.

So guess what? We do one thing. We do camp chairs. That's it. And we do them, really, well.

Tuff Arse Camp Chairs are purpose designed to the strongest, best value for money camp chairs you will find. Sustainable, truly tough camp chairs that are made to last. Quality steel and alloy frames, quality fabric, quality fixtures. Even the carry bags they come in are quality. Tuff Arse Camp Chairs are for the discerning buyer who's looking for the best chair without an inflated price tag. No compromises, just quality heavy duty camp chairs. Pretty much what you want in a camp chair, particularly if you've gone through a few and are getting sick of wasting money on crap ones.

So that's 'Our Story'. But why, you ask, out of all the many things in the Universe that we could have obviously turned our expert hands to, did we choose to design the worlds best camp chairs?

  • tick boxAre we passionate about camping?
  • Hell yeah, what's not to like about a camp fire, a beer, and good company.

  • tick box Do we like sitting in super cool camp chairs?
  • Obviously. We are super cool, hence we like super cool things. Life's too short for average.

  • tick box Are we sick of sitting in crap camp chairs?
  • So sick of it. Why are there so many bad ones?

  • tick box Do we dislike camp chairs designed for beige velour leisure suit wearers?
  • Nothing against beige velour leisure suits, but if you wear one you're probably not a Tuff Arse customer

  • tick box Do we have a mission to create long lasting products instead of land fill?
  • In all seriousness yes we do. There's only one earth, and we'd like to do the right thing by it.

  • tick box Do we like drinking whilst sitting down?
  • What a stupid question.

So that's pretty much it, and now here we are, changing the world, one camp chair at a time. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that appeal the most. Although, if we do appear somewhat off on our Tangent, it’s worth noting Uncle Doug's other advice to the young lads when heading off on a camping road trip was on making new friends in caravan parks: “If it's already rockin, don’t bother knockin”. Now that's a general life lesson that's been well learned, although possibly unrelated. Still, when preparation meets opportunity... equals success.

Welcome to Tuff Arse Camp Chairs!