G-Banger is Ship Shape

G-Banger is Ship Shape

Jacqueline Hope is one of an elite group of humans (and an even more elite group of women), who have successfully circumnavigated the world solo in a yacht, so hats off to that, fair effort! It takes a Tuff Arse to sail around the globe in a 32ft fibreglass boat, so it’s no surprise that Jacqueline Hope chooses Tuff Arse G-Banger as her chair of choice.

Ater completing her incredible voyage, which took more than three years, Jacqui settled back in Melbourne where unfortunately to complicate things she had to spend a full year undergoing treatment for Leukaemia. During this time her boat ‘Shanti' remained safely moored up at Bundaberg Marina in Queensland. Now, after a year apart and Jacqui having undertaken the arduous treatment process, it was time for her to head back up north and reunite with Shanti to check on how she had been holding up.

Jacqueline Hope with her G-Banger Tuff Arse Camp Chair

Embarking on the road trip from Melbourne back to Queensland to reunite with Shanti meant packing light and camping along the way. To take with her on the trip Jacqui was after a lightweight compact chair that she could quickly set up for overnight camping stops along the way but was still strong, durable and well made. Following the trip, the chair would be stowed away on board Shanti so it needed to be ship shape! Jacqui is demanding of her equipment and expects her gear to last, hence why she chose G-Banger. When passing through Sydney, Jacqui's G-Banger also came in handy to provide comfortable respite in a 4hr Covid testing queue - quite the unintended use!

Being used to the small cramped environment of a small yacht (try living in a 32 ft space for three and a half years) G-Banger needed to fill this brief and tuck away in limited storage space with a minimum of fuss, which Jacqui reports it does perfectly.

The story of Jacqui’s voyage is fascinating, she has written a book about her experience called 'Just Me At Sea’ which we highly recommend! Head here to grab a copy from your fave book seller.

Just Me At Sea written by Jacqueline Hope

You can also check out Jacqui’s Blog on her epic voyage at: shantiatsea.blogspot.com.au


  • Tricia

    I am currently reading your book and find it very interesting. Not sure how I would handle some of the conditions you were in. I admire you!!

  • Bob

    Well done Girl.

  • Shoni Bruell

    What an inspiration! Remarkable.

  • Andrew Watkins

    Go Jacquie!!

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