Low Ryder Voted in Top Ten Camp Chairs

Low Ryder Voted in Top Ten Camp Chairs

Woo hoo! Our Tuff Arse Low-Ryder has been voted as one the top camp chairs in Australia for 2023!

'We Are Explorers’ is an Australian site created by a community of adventurers and explorers. Their website provides independent reviews of different types of camping gear as well as heaps of useful tips and info about pretty much anything outdoors; including where to camp, what gear to use camping, what to wear while you're camping, and what kind of activities you can get up to whilst you’re camping (PG only). Fair to say it's a genuine ‘Explorer’ resource for all things outdoor.

The site also has a super cool feature where you can click on an interactive map of Australia and zoom into various places of interest, which then links back to relevant articles on the site: https://weareexplorers.co/map/

So anyway... back to us, this is about us right! The Explorers have just conducted a review of the ’13 Best Camp Chairs in Australia for 2023’ which covered all kinds of camp chairs available in Australia. They came up with an overall rating to find the top 13 chairs, and the Tuff Arse Low-Ryder came in at No 9! We have read all the reviews, and can confirm they are well researched, very on point and technically accurate, we wouldn’t disagree with any of the Explorers assumptions or findings. Clearly these guys know their shit and are genuine outdoor people. They know what they are talking about, it’s refreshing.

Although then again, for ours we’d have put in Trunk and G-Banger for a podium lockout, but what's that, we can’t vote for ourselves?! Yeah, we’re probably overstretching it a little, the Helinox Chair One which came in at No 1 is a bloody awesome little chair (although G-Banger is less than half the price just sayin). Still, it's great to see an independent Australian site providing valuable consumer information of this calibre and focussing on product that’s sold in our own domestic market.

By the way it’s worth noting that in no way did we have anything to do with this review, we didn’t solicit it, we didn’t know they were doing it. The Explorers did it off their own bat and conducted their own research as any proper review should be done. Unfortunately that's not the case on a lot of review sites as most are pretty much just Ads in disguise, not exactly ‘independent’. It’s nice to know this one is the real deal and we earnt it 🤟.

Check out the 'We Are Explorers 2023 Camp Chairs Review here: https://weareexplorers.co/best-camping-chairs-australia/

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