Tuff Arse Camp Chair Inspectors Ep1

Tuff Arse Camp Chair Inspectors Ep1

Rolfie and the Tuff Arse Camp Chair Inspector crew have been out on the road looking for crap camp chairs. Their mission is to make the world a better place, one camp chair at a time. They search for the cheap, the nasty, and the ugly camp chair, aiming to educate the great unwashed in camp chair sustainability and excellence, and to encourage users of crap camp chairs to invest in chairs that are built to last, not replace. 

It's a formidable task. Tight arse habits are hard to break in a disposable world where buying cheap, then throwing out and replacing with more cheap is the norm.  We get it that some will never look past a $9 Bunnings special, as the lure of the price tag is to much. But still the Tuff Arse Inspector crew is undeterred and dedicated to the goal of camp chair quality for all.

We recently stalked the streets of a hard rubbish collection to see if we could find any likely candidates. It didn’t take long to hit pay dirt. We’ve seen some shit camp chairs in our time, but these were right up there as true poxy examples of why cheap camp chairs are a complete and utter waste of money, and do nothing except contribute to landfill.  Cheapness fades like the colour of thin 300 Denier Fabric. Can you afford to not buy quality?

Watch out for where the Tuff Arse Camp Chair Inspectors are headed next.  It could be your campsite at the Caravan Park, or it could be where you're siting quietly minding your own business on the Murray River… so don’t get caught with a crap camp chair, get a long lasting Tuff Arse. If you know someone who’s a crap camp chair offender drop us a line and we’ll hunt them down.

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