Why Tuff Arse Camp Chairs?

Why Tuff Arse Camp Chairs?

If you’re planning on getting out and camping in the near future, or at least at some time in the far future before you drop dead, then you're going to need some camp chairs to take with you. Now, technically any camp chair will do the job of supporting your arse… or will it?!

Getting out and immersing yourself in the Australian bush is an excellent tonic for mind, body and soul, and sitting on a camp chair is the perfect way to find your inner zen whilst you become at one with all that's nature. However… we all know how quickly an uncomfortable camp chair can destroy your zen. Intrusive bars cutting into your legs, lack of back support, lack of padding, nowhere to put your stuff. Chilling out in the serenity of the bush quickly becomes a pain in the arse, soon followed by the feeling of buyers regret, and wondering why you wasted good money on a crap chair… followed by thoughts of where can you dump it and buy a better one.

Tuff Arse Camp Chairs are the solution to this conundrum. We proposition to you that the comfort of your camp chair is the key factor in the overall comfort of your camping trip, especially if you get out and do more camping than most. The more uncomfortable the camp chair the bigger issue. So what’s the solution… investing in a better camp chair is pretty obvious... but why would be so presumptious as to assume that Tuff Arse Camp chairs are the answer?

Tuff Arse camp chairs are the culmination of all we have learnt from years of studying camp chair design. We have designed, protoyped and busted a lot of chairs to get to the range that we now produce. Tuff Arse camp chairs are built to last, ultra sturdy, and use the best materials and fixtures. When we say there is a huge difference between good and bad camp chairs believe us there is, and unfortunately for most users they won't find out until the third or fourth time they sit in them. Small things like the strength of the rivets, the quality of the powder coating and the tensile strength of the fabric make a massive difference in the chairs comfort and longevity.

Ours are better in all these aspects, simple. Bang for buck we’d argue that in fact you can’t do better. Our chairs are built to a specification, not to a price point. We are a dedicated camp chair company, it's all we do, we care about it, so it comes to reason that we're pretty good at it. Looking at our customer reviews attests to that, it's fair to say that Tuff Arse customers are happy campers.

7 good reasons to choose a Tuff Arse Camp Chair:
1. They are not shit, actually they're bloody good
2. Designed and prototype tested by us, so we add the things we like
3. Heavy duty 600 Denier fabric, heavy duty powder coated steel and hi-tensile aluminium frames
4. All our chairs come in heavy duty fabric carry bags
5. Made to a specification of quality and value, not to a price point as a stocking filler
6. Ethically made by people paid real wages, not by an exploitation sweat shop
7. We go to a lot of camping shows to meet our customers face to face, we listen to them, we value them, we like them

Do you still need more reasons? Sit down, relax in a Tuff Arse.



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