Why we love Sling Shot

Compact Folding Directors Chair: We get out on the road to camping shows and expos, so we get to talk to a lot of our customers about what they want in their dream camp chair. So we listened, and we designed one! The result is Sling Shot; our new ultralight, compact, folding directors camp chair. Sling Shots unique patented folding mechanism packs the chair away into an extremely compact size for storage, and the hi-strength aluminium frame keeps weight to only 4.5kg. As with all Tuff Arse Chairs, it’s chockas with features including a fold out side table and storage compartments.

Recycled PET Polyester: Sling Shot canvas is 100% recycled polyester, made from post-consumer PET plastic bottles - or rubbish that would have otherwise gone into landfill and the oceans. Each chair contains up to 86 plastic bottles. The PET canvas carries GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification ratified through the International Textile Exchange, it’s the real deal. Purchasing a Sling Shot is a genuine investment in a sustainable outdoor product.

Aluminium Frame: Sling Shot frame is formed hi-tensile 6063 Aluminium. Using high grade Aluminium delivers a weight saving of about 50% over mild steel, making Sling Shot more portable and easy to carry without losing strength or rigidity. The frame design automatically locks into place when assembled and flat sections at the bottom maintain lateral stablity on uneven surfaces. The annodised 23mm x 15mm formed section Aluminium also completely eliminates the possibility of rust.

150kg Load Rating: Sling Shot has an impressive class leading load capacity of 150kg. Like all Tuff Arse camp chairs it’s heavy duty and made to take a load.

Rigid Arms: Flat fold frame design allows for rigid arm rests so you can use them to lean on when getting in and out of the chair. Being able to place weight on the arms provides extra support, ideal if you’ve had to many frothies and are a bit wobbly on your feet.

Side Table with Stubby Holder: Even though Sling Shot is a compact folding design it still includes a side table. This is a massive feature, meaning if you’ve got a plate of snags and a drink, you’ve still got somewhere to put them while you sit, other than in your lap. When you’re sitting around a camp fire in the dark trying to balance a plate of food with a glass of shiraz this comes in real handy. The stubby / wine glass holder is recessed into the tray so your drink won’t slide off the table.

Side Storage Compartments: You can tuck away your valuables in the side storage compartments. Perfect to keep your phone out of the sun, store your wallet, keys, sunnies and other valuable crap out of sight. Three storage pockets hang from the left hand side of the chair, removable if you want to swap to the other side.

Carry Handle: An integrated carry handle is built into the back of the chair for easy transportation. The same handle is used when the chair’s packed away as it pops through the top of the carry bag.

Rear Storage Pocket: On the back of the Sling Shot is a large elastic net storage pocket
, ideal for storing away the carry bag so it doesn't blow away, also adds to the chair’s lumbar support.

Bottle Opener: Comes with the signature Tuff Arse cast alloy bottle opener, because who wants to get up to open a drink?

Padded Design: Unique Tuff Arse quilted design includes slim-line padding to add to comfort, essential if you’re sitting for long periods. As a compact lightweight directors chair the Sling Shot combines exceptional comfort without sacrificing practicality.

Style: It’s a Tuff Arse, cause camp chair envy amongst others.

Heavy Duty Carry Bag: Sling Shot comes in a PVC lined heavy duty carry bag. The internal PVC lining in the bag better protects your chair when packed away. Unpacking and packing up your chair is something you do every time you use it so a heavy duty carry bag is essential.