Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair
Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair

Trunk Heavy Duty Camp Chair

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Trunk is the ultimate heavy duty camp chair. Full size, full featured and incredibly tough, with an extreme load rating of 200kg. Trunk is engineered to last with quality fittings and materials. It's big, comfortable and strong, the definitive classic camp chair.

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Quad Leg Design: Trunk features a full quad leg frame design. Vertical front legs extend from the front feet right up to the frame mounts for extra strength and reinforcement. In addition Trunk has cross-brace frame hubs for greater torsional lateral stability and to increase the load bearing capacity. The steel frame is 22mm diam powder coated tubing, long-lasting and rust resistant. Combined with super durable 600D Oxford polyester fabric the overall chair design and structure is bulletproof.

200kg Load Rating: Trunk has a best in class load capacity of 200kg. It's built to take a load. It's a chair you can load up with the biggest fully grown adult you can find, or maybe even a party for two, knock yourself out.

Arm Rest Strap Adjusters: Trunk addresses one the most annoying things about camp chairs; arm rests slowly sliding down their rear mounts leaving you sitting in an uncomfortable position. Arm rest strap adjusters fix this problem. They provide extra strength by securing the arms to the rear frame and allow you to set the arm rest height to your exact preference. This a big little feature that makes a significant difference to a chair you spend any amount of time in.

Stubby Holder & Wine Glass Holder: Yeah sure, heaps of camp chairs have a stubby holder, but have a closer look and you'll find most are a flimsy mesh that tears and breaks. Ours are fully lined and insulated 600D fabric, welded into the seam for strength. And for a touch of 'klaaas' Trunk also features a stemmed wine glass holder, perfect for holding that cheeky Shiraz. The heavy duty moulded PVC mount is attached to the frame so it's secure - because there's nothing worse than spilling your glass when you get a bit over excited. Don't be that person.

Bottle Opener:  What's the point of getting up to find a bottle opener? We've included a quality cast alloy one, attached with reinforced tab and elastic cord. You're welcome.

Side Storage Compartment: Hanging from the left hand side of the chair is a storage organizer for all your gear. It has several pockets to keep things stashed and separated like phone, wallet, keys, some sunscreen, snacks and the latest edition of Street Machine. There's no 'cooler'; if you've ever tried to keep drinks cold in a camp chair 'cooler' on 40 degree summer day you'll know yeah nah, it doesn't work. Try using an Esky, or drink faster.

Rear Storage Pocket: On the back of the Trunk is large storage pocket for extra space, ideal for storing away the carry bag whilst the chair's in use.

Padded Design: If sitting for long periods your arse is gunna need some padding. The padded seat and back of Trunk are ergonomically designed with quality padding and head-rest. And check out the cool white pin-striping. Because you need to stand out from the crowd and let everyone know that your Tuff Arse Trunk camp chair is better than theirs.  

Heavy Duty Carry Bag: Trunk comes in a zippered heavy duty 600D fabric carry bag. Unpacking and packing up your chair is something you do every time you use it so a quality heavy duty carry bag on a full size chair like this is essential. Lightweight drawstring bags are prone to tearing and don't offer protection when the chair is in storage. Also it has a cool logo on it, so when you're looking for it in amongst your gear it's easy to find.

Tuff Arse Trunk


Black with white highlights


22mm high tensile steel, power coated matte black. Cross-brace hubs for greater frame strength and lateral torsional stability. Quad Vertical legs for increased load bearing capacity


600 Denier Polyester heavy duty with padded insert and headrest

Weight Capacity



Seat height:  48cm
Dimensions: 104 x 62 x 109cm

Packed Weight


Packed Size

100 x 21 x 21cm

Cool Stuff

Adjustable Height Arm Rests
Alloy Bottle Opener
PVC Moulded Wine Holder
Insulated Stubby Holder with Drain
Storage Organiser with 3 Separate Compartments, rear storage for carry bag

Carry Bag

Zippered 600 Denier Heavy Duty Polyester with carry straps


2 Year Manufacturers Warranty against defects of material or manufacture.

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